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BBQ Meat Rubs

Check out the best all-purpose BBQ meat rubs your grilling has been begging for! Our dry rub spices are handcrafted and expertly blended to create unique flavors that pair excellently with pork, chicken, and beef. If you are looking for a sweet flavor, look no further than The Gunslinger Rub, our award-winning BBQ seasoning. And if you want a mouthwatering combination of herbs and salt, The Joint Seasoning Rub will give you exactly what you need with its savory, buttery taste. We at The Lawman Rub Co. are always at work searching for new and innovative BBQ meat rubs that cooks everywhere can enjoy, and as a law enforcement family, our deep passion for serving the community transfers into our love for grilled meats and spices. Now, we want to continue serving our communities by bringing quality BBQ rubs and seasonings to kitchens across the country.